Here at Cobalt 901 we understand that as a parent you may have many questions and concerns regarding your student's living experience.  If there is anything that we do not answer please feel free to call or send us an email.

Perfect Locations

We have properties in three different locations that are tailored for convenient travel to the various colleges and universities in the area.

Individual Liability Leases

Each lessee signs a separate lease.  Which mean is lessee is responsible to pay their own rent and is not responsible for the rent of any housemates.

Utilities Included

The lease includes a $50 per person utility allowance which generates a total allowance of $200 per four person unit.  If utility prices exceed the generous included cap, then the remaining balance will be evenly split amongst each resident in the unit.

Serene Living

The entire living space is completely modernized and includes granite countertops and all new appliances. Each extra-large bedroom features its own private full bath. The spacious common area kitchen features an additional private half bath for guests.

Superior Protection Assets

Each property includes gated parking with entry only by a specified code.  The property also includes a slew of outdoor security cameras that capture every angle of the property.  Every individual unit has its very own security system with custom code for added safety.

Optional Roommate Matching

In the event that your student does not already have roommates joining them, we offer a roommate matching system.  The student will submit us a personality questionnaire and we will do our best to find roommates that have the same social and study habits as your student.